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   I hope that you have enjoyed this tour of Orientalist art. When I first saw 'Berber Woman' by Emile Vernet-Lecomte I was extremely moved by it. To borrow from J.R.R. Tolkien, "I felt that I had stepped through a high window into a world that no longer existed." The more I studied this art the more impressed and enmeshed I became. For several years I have wanted to put something on the internet to share this incredible movement with the world.

   There are a number of books on this subject and I hope that people will buy them and in doing so support this art and help to re-elevate it to the place that it belongs in history.


   Orientalism in Art- by Christine Peltre. Abbeville Press Publishers, 1997

   Orientalism-Delacroix to Klee- by Roger Benjamin. The Art Gallery of New South Wales. Distributed by Thames and Hudson, 1997.

   Orientalist Painting- by P. and V. Berko. Editions Laconti, 1982.

   Serpent of the Nile- by Wendy Buonaventura. Interlink Books, 1989.

   Harem- The World behind the Veil- by Alev Lytle Croutier. Abbeville Press Publishers, 1989

   The Orientalists, Painter-Travellers, 1828-1908- by Lynne Thornton. ACR Edition

   The East, imagined, experienced, remembered : orientalist nineteenth century painting- by James Thompson

   Charles Gleyre, 1806-1874- by William Hauptman

   The Life and Work of Jean-Leon Gerome- by Gerald Ackerman

   Victorian Painting- by Christopher Wood


   Music sources

   'Diaspora from Spain'- courtesy of Desert Wind

   'Tanz des Kelim'- courtesy of Roman Seehon

   'Sedona Hummingbird' and 'Terra' I helped to write and can be heard on my other website, Z-Helene


Online Resources

   ACR Edition

   Edilson E. Barbosa


   Mohamed Akil

   Till Dehrmann

   Mireille Soufflet Zahia

   History Online - online resources for historians

   PBS: Napoleon

   The Appleton Museum of Art

   Wendy Buonaventura


   Louis Endres Art Gallery

   Mathaf Gallery

   Artcyclopedia; The guide to Museum-quality art on the internet

   Narcef Art Works

   Kings Galleries

   Paysage d'Algerie - Landscape of Algeria


   Isabel Gallery - reproduction oil painting

   Sindh Fine Arts

   The Photographs of Lehnert and Landrock

   Lehnert & Landrock: L'Orient

   ASTENE- Association for the Study of Travelers in Egypt and the Near East

   Voyage en Orient

   The Goodall Family Of Artists

   Bernard Safran's Fine Art: Realist Oil Paintings and Portraits

   Hector Paterson & Co


   Kosinski - Journey in Watercolors from Jerusalem


   Art History Resources on the Web


   Art Resources

   Ivan Lloyd Studios

   Jerusalem in 19th Century Art

   Jan Padover

   World Wide Arts Resources

   Association Artistique Alexandre Roubtzoff

   Mohamed Mannai

   BellaOnLine--The Voice of Women on the Web

   Arabesque Art Gallery Bahrain

   Bezalel-Levy Editions

   Encyclopaedia of the Orient  

   Fine Arts 

   Les Peintres Orientalistes

   Galerie Nataf

   The Dahesh Museum of Art  

   Berko Fine Paintings

   Les Arts Turcs

   Bob Speel

   Christopher Wood

   The Park Gallery

   Orientalist Paintings

   Edward Lear Home Page

   CGFA- A Virtual Art Museum

   Lebanon Art

   Internet History Sourcebooks Project

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